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Sarah Norris made a recommendation ​

Charlotte is a great realtor who provided excellent knowledge when we bought our first home. She worked quickly to ensure that we made a competitive offer and continued to walk with us through the whole process. She has great resources for everything from Mortgage Lenders to inspectors, and kept everyone in the loop so that we got everything done in time. We recommend Charlotte for anyone looking for a home and especially for first time home buyers!



Helen & Ray Todd made a Recommendation:

This is the second home that Charlotte has sold for us. Both experiences were awesome. Her guidance, expertise and knowledge helped in getting us an offer over asking the same day we listed. Her assistance made closing from another state easy.



Brandon Huff made a Recommendation


When we were ready to sell our house, we knew there wasn’t anyone who knew Duluth better than
Charlotte. She walked us through all our repairs and upgrade options to sell our house fast. She
checked in on the progress often and offered to take care of a few things for us so we could focus
on getting the house ready. Once the house was posted, she shared all the details of the showings
and all the information she had on the buyers so we could make a good, informed decision. She
made the process so easy for us! I highly recommend reaching out to Charlotte when you’re ready
to sell!

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Zoe Huff made a Recommendation

Husband: “Man, Charlotte really works hard at her job!” Me: “What do you mean?” Husband: “I mean, she is hustling so hard for us. Any other time I’ve bought a house the real estate agent didn’t work this hard for me. I’m impressed.” Me: “Yeah, I agree. And she legitimately listens to our needs and wants. She doesn’t waste time showing us areas we don’t want to live in even though they are in the same zip code.” This was a conversation between my husband and myself randomly one day when we were making an offer on a house. He doesn't typically say that kind of thing. Our first meeting with Charlotte was to discuss whether to renovate our current home or move. My husband wanted to invite her over because he knew her through his work on our neighborhood HOA. I was wary that she was going to encourage us to move as that is in her best interest. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how neutral she presented the pros and cons to renovating versus moving. And that was it. And I sat on that information for months. In the meantime, she casually would show us a house we asked to see. There was never any pressure from her, and she always talked about how our life could or even could not fit well in the house we were viewing. She offered pros and cons of houses. She didn’t just want us to buy whatever house got her the quickest sale or highest commission though that would have benefited her. She was measured and considerate of our needs and concerns. She spoke honestly and realistically when we asked her hard questions. She set us up for success by strongly encouraging us to get our financing ready in case we saw that “perfect house.” And when we did see that perfect house, we were more than ready because of her guidance. The secret skill that Charlotte has is observing and moving in harmony with different personalities and their respective strengths and weaknesses. She knew I was resistant to moving, and she didn’t push me. She knew my husband was delaying doing some paperwork, so she reminded him why it was so critical to do it. She respected and honored our own quirkiness perfectly. If she had handled us without respect to our personalities, it would not have lead to our successful outcome of finding the perfect home for our family. We highly recommend Charlotte! She is incredible at her job.

Hi, I'm the husband in the review below. This is the third house we purchased a home and the first time Charlotte was our agent. She is far superior to the others. Charlotte works hard to ensure the process is easy for us and she doesn't even break a sweat. While we were searching for our home, Charlotte never pressured or pushed us toward a home that wasn't a good fit. She got to know us really well and could tell pretty quickly if a home was a going to work for our needs. If she didn't know the answer to our question, she would work hard to find it for us. She even offered to pitch in and help pick up boxes during the stressful parts of our move. Her knowledge of the City of Duluth is exceeds anyone else I've met. We greatly enjoyed working with Charlotte and know you will too!



Denise Lippman made a Recommendation

When we decided to sell our house, we shopped around for a realtor. Charlotte stood out from the pack before we even spoke with her. She’s well-known in the community as someone who stays on top of all the happenings in the area, whether it’s new housing, new parks, or other changes in the city that effect homeowners. She knows all the great things about this area which makes her a gem of a realtor when it comes to selling your house. We talked to Charlotte in February, but we didn’t list our house until September. And in those months of inactivity on our part, she didn’t pressure us at all. She means it when she says that she’s there when you need her, but she’s not going to bug you. When we finally decided to list the house, Charlotte made it easy. She explained everything clearly and was always available to answer my questions throughout the process. Though selling my house was a very emotional experience for me, Charlotte kept it positive with every we worked with. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate. If you’re looking to buy or sell a house in or around Duluth, Charlotte is the best choice without a doubt. I highly recommend her.



Karen Lemon made a Recommendation

Charlotte is wonderful! Very personable and caring throughout the entire process. Excellent knowledge in real estate and was able to communicate and answer all my questions. Attention to detail and excellent suggestions on how to make a home more marketable in order to sell at the best price. I enjoyed working with her and her experience in the real estate market provides the reliability you need in an agent. I highly recommend Charlotte Brandi without a doubt, she is the best in the business.


Jon Cortellacci made a recommendation

I originally met Charlotte by trying to rent a property of hers and quickly ended up wanting to buy in the same neighborhood, as it was within my price range and looked to be a perfect investment opportunity for me. Being late to inquiring about renting turned out to be a blessing, as I began to work with Charlotte on buying a place of my own in the same neighborhood. We soon put in an offer for the first property that came up in the neighborhood. Charlotte led me in moving fast on the opportunity and getting pre qualified and pre underwritten, as she knew that's what it would take to get it. I went to the house within 3 or 4 hours of it being listed with Charlotte and we went over all my concerns. She got answers for each of these concerns, but I ended up in a bidding war which she helped guide me through and ultimately ended up losing the opportunity due to my hesitancy about accepting endless contingencies and price increases. A couple months later, she brought an opportunity to me in the same neighborhood that had not gone to listing. It needed work but I liked the layout and yard much more than the previous property. It was a perfect fit as I was able to finance less for closing on the home I preferred and accomodate the seller by taking on the work. Upon the home inspection, it became clear I had more work to do than I thought. We discussed it and I asked for her opinion on price, which I respected. I ultimately returned an offer lower than she opined and she relayed to the sellers without question. Long story short, I closed two days ago and am on my way to making my new home my own. What I will say to others is to be ready to get pre-underwritten as step 1. Also, do your homework about a neighborhood you want BEFORE offering (polybutylene plumbing, roof, garage door, siding, gutters, etc.) allow yourself due dilligence to get quotes and a good understanding of what you will be left with if you agree to a seller-walk-away deal. Charlotte will put you in the best possible position to close on what you want, but getting quotes following an inspection during due dilligence to get an accurate picture of work to be done is best. Charlotte has also helped immensely with her contacts and contractors. The inspectors she recommended were absolutely top notch and she has plumbing, painting, and other contractors that can help get you started or at least provide a baseline quote. I have chosen my own for a couple things, but as a first time home buyer, having a place to start is huge!




Karim Amirali made a recommendation 

Charlotte is truly a gem in the world of realtors. Having collaborated with around 10 other real estate professionals in the field, I can confidently say that Charlotte's work is in a league of its own. The universe seemed to align when I crossed paths with Charlotte during my quest for an investment property. Her efficiency is unparalleled, and her communication is refreshingly transparent. When it comes to presenting offers and working with fellow agents, she consistently goes above and beyond. Collaborating with Charlotte has been an eye-opener, making me realize the levels of expertise I've been missing out on all this time. Moving forward, I can say with confidence that Charlotte is my go-to realtor for both personal and investment endeavors. Thank you, Charlotte, for embracing your role with such warmth and devotion. Your genuine care shines through in everything you do.


Nini Oakley made a recommendation 

I want to tell you, what an awesome job, you have done to help me find the right place. I am so glad that Britta recommended you to me. I worked with Charlotte Brandi for a few months, till she found the ideal place for me to consider a purchase. She was very diligent, hard working to find the right place to fit my needs, which, in the end, she did. I am very pleased with her service and would recommend her to anyone in need of a super good realtor. Nini Oakley


                                                                             NEXTDOOR posts April/May 2023 - Property Tax Assessments

Hi Daniel, I have helped many of our neighbors in the past few year preparing CMA’s used for their appeals. I will be happy to do the same for you. If needed please e-mail me your address & full name of your neighborhood. Yes I’m a local realtor but do not charge. Happy to help out when needed.


Hi Charlotte, I'm happy to have a neighbor like you. You are very generous with your time and I appreciate the posts you put here. You have helped me with this same issue in the past and Gwinnett lowered the value which helped. Thank you for offering to help me, once again. You are one of those positive people who set an example for the rest of us. We can all use someone like you in our circle of friends.

Thank you again, SO MUCH, for your time and effort.

Daniel Wasylkiw

@Charlotte you are the best for your knowledge and support. I will get on this and keep you posted. Thank you again.  Toshua Mann

Thank you so much for your time and effort in assisting with the CMA for myself and others. This could help save us some money. I am very appreciative of your assistance.

John Ferguson

Shout out to Charlotte Brandi for her kindness and help! Much appreciated ❤️

Laurie Bauer

Thank you to Charlotte Brandi for being super quick with a response to my email asking for help with a CMA. So very nice to have a giving, helpful neighbor. Hoping I am able to successfully appeal with the info she provided.

Tish Morris

Shout-out to Charlotte! She is wonderful!

Andrea Dubsky

Thank you Charlotte Brandi for sending me the CMA in a expeditious manner! You are much appreciated.

Chandra C

Thank you Charlotte Brandi for her time and effort to do the CMA. Much appreciated.

Zheng Zheng

Shoutout to Charlotte


for helping me out with the CMA information!! Will help a lot on the appeal process!


Thanks Charlotte Brandi for taking the time and preparing the CMA! You are much appreciated.

Jeanne Mutua

Charlotte Brandi - thank you very much for your help with the house pricing

Sunny P.

We have at least one Realtor who is a Nextdoor member who has been kind enough to run neighborhood "comps" for others free of charge in the past. Contact Charlotte Brandi and ask her. You can then use those "comps" to appeal your valuation yourself. Bear in mind that you can only appeal every few years, I'm not sure how many though. Bottom line is, it is pretty easy to do it yourself, you will generally be successful and it won't cost you a dime.

Stephen L.


Birgitte Petersen made a recommendation 

Three times the charm. Charlotte helped me sell, rent and finally buy my new house. Full service in all parts of the home buying/selling process. Thank you.



Julie Bradley made a recommendation:


Charlotte deserves more than the 5 stars available to give. She made the home buying process a breeze for me and handled every detail perfectly. I’ve never worked with someone so thorough and attentive. She’s the best!

Let the fun begin. Mega shout out to my dear friend and realtor extraordinaire Charlotte Brandi



Peter Ward, President, Rogers Mill & Carriage Gate Recreation Association


Charlotte provides a great service to our neighborhood with regular email updates about real estate in our community, including details on original asking price, how much homes sold for, how long they were on the market, etc.

Additionally, she gives an oral presentation at our Annual Meeting each year. We’re so grateful to have her in our neighborhood!

Denise Peterson, HOA President for The Village at Albion Farms

I would like to commend Charlotte Brandi for going the extra mile for our neighborhood. Charlotte has volunteered her time and expertise for the past several years to keep our neighbors informed about the current real estate market trends in our area. She has also presented valid and welcome information on building plans that affect our neighborhoods here in Duluth. If your HOA has an opportunity to have her speak at your meeting, you will not be disappointed. She is also a very strong advocate for ensuring that builders and the City of Duluth officials follow through with their promises to communities.


Birgitte Petersen made a recommendation 

Besides having a great experience using Charlotte for the sale of my home, she also helped me finding a rental house. She went above and beyond in dealing with the agent and making sure the rental agreement was satisfactory.


Luke Pfost made a Recommendation

Charlotte was such a great agent for buying a home. I felt both confident and informed throughout the entire process with her help and she negotiated with both the seller and the lender on the front end to use all of the concessions in a way that best benefitted me. She is very resourceful, friendly, a real professional and was able to provide assistance with many more areas of the process than I would have imagined. Even dealing with last minute changes due to the hurricane she still found a way to make the closing possible in our original timeline. This made buying my first home easy and stress free. Would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Birgitte Petersen

made a recommendation 

Wow - what a great experience. Charlotte was quite knowledgeable regarding the current overall Atlanta market and used all the best resources to get our home ready, photographed, and marketed online. She kept us apprised of what was happening at each stage and would be in contact with the latest offer even if it was late at night. She could be reached by text, phone or email. Charlotte walked us through the different offers to help us decide which was the best. She did an excellent job because we closed in about 30 days without any issues and got 50,000 over asking price. Charlotte clearly loves her career and you can see it by the way she interacts with her customers, the buyers and the buyers agent.




Charlotte Brandi !!!!!

Is the best! If you're getting ready to buy or sell a home, please talk to Charlotte.

Her knowledge, experience & business manner impressed me throughout the entire process of selling my home. She offered great advice, gave me her opinion, and left the final decision to me, providing me with the information I needed, and always giving me 100% support. The closing was easier for me than buying a pair of shoes! LOL.

Thank you Charlotte. You will always be highly recommended by me. :)




Careers & College Prep

The first week of camp focused on careers. We took a deep dive into the medical, real estate, film, and web design fields in workshops led by industry professionals. 



Charlotte Brandi from Virtual Properties Realty


  Dave Lafleur made a recommendation:

If you are in Duluth or nearby this is who you want to work with! Knows the area, lives in Duluth, and for us worked to get the best possible offer. Charlotte is very professional, and is in constant contact about your property and others in the area. She took care of everything and it was a very easy and smooth transaction. We couldn't have found a better realtor for our Duluth location. Thanks!!!



Joseph Nieves

• The Albion Farm Village

Charlotte I truly believe you could help any buyer or seller! I think you are one of the Most Honest Realtor Sales person in Duluth, GA!


Greg LaHatte

made a recommendation 

I recently got to observe first-hand Charlotte's real estate acumen. She assisted my daughter Kristin in the purchase of her home. Charlotte proved to be a tenacious agent who will work tirelessly to find a home that suits your needs. Her past experiences provide keen insights into the value of homes and all the particulars that buyers should consider. The final contract also proved seamless. She's the agent you want on your side.



Doug Bergdoll

Chattahoochee Cove Board of Directors

The Chattahoochee Cove HOA has benefited from Charlotte's support provided over the last few years. Charlotte has provided market summary presentations of the neighborhood for the last several annual HOA meetings. This presentation includes market analysis and sales trends impacting booth our neighborhood as well as the city of Duluth in general. In addition, Charlotte has been the HOA's 'go to consultant' when asked to research ad hoc requests for particular units within the HOA community at various occasions throughout the year. In short, the HOA has benefited from her expertise within the city of Duluth and the Chattahoochee Cove HOA community specifically. Her wealth of industry experience and attention to detail continues to be a valuable resource contributing to our HOA town-home neighborhood. Our Association happily provides referrals for Charlotte's services when requested!


George Champion

 made a recommendation

I recently hired Charlotte Brandi, VPR as my Realtor in selling my Duluth home, as I had noticed she is great at keeping my community updated on all things Real Estate & she came with great references from past clients. Before listing, Charlotte spent time getting to know my home and made recommendations on which items needed to be addressed. Her recommendations were very reasonable & her recommended list price was in line with what I had thought as well. Furthermore Charlotte brought lawn furniture & staged the back porch as it would improve the Professional Photos she arranged for & recommended contractors that showed up as scheduled and did a great job. Charlotte prepared me for multiple showings/offers and potentially arriving at a higher sold price than list price. Sure enough, we listed on a Thursday in preparation for showings through the weekend & Charlotte kept me in the loop on every showing and made sure it was convenient for me. Once numerous offers had come in, Charlotte met with me to review, break down & explain every detail of each offer. Until then I didn’t realize how many variables there are in financing that could have a big impact on the sale. Charlotte definitely protected my interests to ensure I would have a successful and profitable closing. When the first buyer opted out after 2 days Charlotte had my home under contact again within hours.

Beyond that Charlotte has kept in touch almost daily, always answered all my phone calls & always had an answer and solution ready. The whole transaction went smoothly as Charlotte coordinated everything from the beginning all the way through closing. Her attention to detail and following through on EVERYTHING makes me want to highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a smooth, pleasant and enjoyable experience.

THE ICING ON THE CAKE: My home sold for the highest price per sq ft in Carriage Gate /Rogers Mill S/D to date. Thank you Charlotte, for all your help.


George Champion


Helen & Ray Todd

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte is awesome to work with, she guided us through the entire process of selling our home. Her advice on price, marketing, renovations, staging and even finding contractors sold our home. Our house had 4 offers within the first day on the market, over 40 showings in the first 48 hours and sold $ 40,000 above List Price. Closing was fast and easy. I can’t say enough about our experience. Charlotte became more than just a realtor…. She became a friend as well.


Margie & Erick

Clients recommendation:

Charlotte has been such a blessing to work with. Our first home buying experience has felt overwhelming at times, but Charlotte took the time to understand what we were looking for and was ready to go when we found the home of our dreams. She worked quickly to make sure we were the first offer, and because of Charlotte's guidance, we already had financing, inspection and closing attorneys set up. This was a huge advantage to us when it came to negotiations. She was always available and always had our best interest in mind. We could not recommend Charlotte more!


Ruben Mendez Jr

made a recommendation for you

The moment my wife and I sat down with Charlotte we knew we were in great hands. Her expertise and knowledge of many things beyond realty drove our experience beyond our wildest imagination. Charlotte is super straight forward about her feelings and there is no guessing when it comes to what she’s thinking. Her communication supersedes even the best of communicators. I had questions at all hours of the night and every single time I got responses. She treated my family as it were her own not to mention my own 2 year old son became enamored by her presence. The best part of my experience is the tears we shared of both joy and frustration. Tears of frustration simply because of how unforgiving this market can be. But in just three week she secured us a winning bid. 3 weeks!!! 3 separate offers!!! 100s of competitors. Her communication and persistence won us our bid hands down. And I could not be any more grateful. A realtor and now a friend for life. Thank you Charlotte.


Salim Chhotoo

made a recommendation for you

It was pleasure working with Charlotte Brandi while finding to rent our first home in Atlanta. She was very attentive to our requirements, provided with advice on the commute, traffic and lot of information on properties of interest. She was very patient when my wife did not like a property and after couple of searches, she knew exactly what we wanted in a house which we wanted to be our home! With her help, we finally found the home my wife and I loved. She worked tirelessly to make sure we got it. Charlotte is very professional, courteous and gem of a person to work with. We thank Charlotte for all her help.



Jonathan Paul West

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte was invaluable during the purchase of my townhome in downtown Duluth. She helped negotiate with the seller agent after a low appraisal and to overcome challenges with my lender. Her expertise and experience are the reason I'm in my home today. Thank you Charlotte!


Client Recommendation

Henry Xu Purchased a home in Lawrenceville

Charlotte was the best agent - friendly, professional, and efficient. She handled everything and made the buying process very easy and enjoyable. All of the companies she recommended were great - I went to get other quotes as well but Charlotte's recommendations beat out all the other places! Charlotte made me feel comfortable and kept me informed every step of the process.



Client Recommendation:

David Hamilton Burger Purchased a home in Suwanee

Working with Charlotte was an absolute pleasure. She was always very responsive and made my first property purchase as pain free as possible. I highly recommend her.



Other agent's kind words:

Thank you for all your help with this transaction Charlotte. My first listing closing. I have followed your example on several tasks. And I have taken note of all your reminders and process! you mentored me and didn't even know it!!

Thanks you,


Hannah Vernex Loset Sold a house in Atlanta

made a recommendation for you

As always, Charlotte is a pleasure to work with. This pandemic has been extremely stressful, Charlotte removed stress where possible whilst being extremely efficient with a high level of attention to detail and available almost 24/7.



Elaine Serrano Bought a home in Duluth Ga

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte’s experience and attention to detail is what allowed us get the winning bid on our dream home. She listens to you and your needs and is the most responsive agent we have ever dealt with. She had comps ready for us before showing us properties so we would be educated in our decision. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. We had such a great experience with her with our purchase that she’s also the listing agent on the property we’re selling. She’s timely and detailed on her market analysis before recommending a sell price.



Steph Dec 03, 2020

Bought home in Duluth, GA in 2020

I recommend Charlotte to anyone thinking of purchasing a home. Charlotte was invaluable during the searching and buying process. She, like many other agents, set up a portal based on your preferences. Where I feel Charlotte exceeded expectations is that she had a list of comps emailed to me before we toured properties and brought paper printouts in the event I didn’t have time to look at them. She called off there was a property that met my criteria if she felt it would go quick so we could look at it the same day. She does her homework and is great at guiding you during the offer and contract process. She made sure I placed a fair but competitive offer quickly after viewing the home we ended up getting the house which had multiple offers. The market is wild right now so timing was extremely important and Charlotte made sure we understood that not never pressured us. She submitted the offer that evening around 9 pm and followed up throughout the process with my lender, inspector and closing attorney. We’ve purchased homes before and have never had an agent be this attentive or helpful after writing a contract. I know we wouldn’t have won the multiple bid contract without Charlotte’s help and guidance.






Dec 03, 2020

Sold home in Duluth, GA in 2020

I cannot recommend Charlotte enough! I’ve worked with several agents with previous sales and purchases and Charlotte was the most attentive, prepared, and professional agent I’ve ever worked with! She was knowledgeable of the market, very responsive and priced the home right. We considered another agent who wanted to list our home $15k less than what Charlotte recommended. After she explained how she got to the sales price and the market comps, we made the wise decision to hire Charlotte. We received multiple offers and sold above list price thanks to her advice, research and attention!





made a recommendation for you

I recently purchased a home with Charlotte Brandi of Virtual Properties Realty. I can’t say enough about Charlotte’s professionalism and knowledge within the industry. She has high integrity and is very conscientious, always keeping the client’s best interests in mind. Charlotte listened to what I wanted and kept me within my budget. She was honest, patient and professional. Charlotte was a joy to work with!!



Debbie L Peck

I never knew buying a home could be so easy! With your knowledge and professionalism every thing went very smoothly. Plus I got a great house



Tara & Billy Guise

made a recommendation for you

We were very pleased with Charlotte as our selling agent. She was very knowledgeable about the market in our area. She returned phone calls/text messages promptly and kept us informed on all aspects of the process. She made what would have been a stressful time much easier. We highly recommend Charlotte as your selling or buying agent!



Tara Lasseter Guise:

Charlotte Brandi, you are an incredible real estate agent! You always had our best interests at heart and kept us informed every step along the way! Thank you for making the selling process so easy!!!



Hannah Vernex-Loset

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte is always a pleasure to work with. She systematically goes beyond expectations. Her attention to detail is exemplary. She works very hard and is committed to making the entire process as seemless as possible. I highly recommend working with Charlotte.





Martin Sole Jensen

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte was the best and made the entire process pain free. As a first time buyer I was a bit overwhelmed, but with her guidance and recommendations we were able to take care of everything easy and effectively, while also saving some money along the way.





John Michael Van Hook

made a recommendation for you

Thanks for everything ma’am. I can’t believe how smoothly everything has gone, it’s been amazing!

I have only bought 1 house, and this is my first time selling a house. I was dreading everything about it, but Mrs Brandi was incredible. There was not a single thing wrong in the entire process, and I am not an easy person to get along with! We even moved up the closing date drastically and she handled everything. She is an utmost professional and quite friendly.

They’re an understatement! Thank you so much for everything, God bless you and yours!



Maria Korosi

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte I would like to thank you for the outstanding job performed of the selling of my home! This was not a standard case in the beginning, since the buyer was moving from North Dakota and I am living in Atlanta in an assisted living facility. In the present pandemic situation, when the demands changed daily and the requirements and process was getting more complicated. The closing became a different process! Due to your knowledge, drive and ingenuity… after several tries I was able to sign the power of attorney as was witnessed through a window. Charlotte you were resourceful tackling different arising problems, energetic for searching for new ways and not giving up! My opinion when you represent anybody, your customer will have the best chance to close the deal with your assistance since you are able to work out any difficulties. Thank you very much! Maria Korosi



From: Cindylou Tola 

To: Charlotte Brandi 

Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 08:12:31 PM EDT

Subject: Review

Just wanted to say thank you to you and for helping me with the process of buying a house being that I am first time home buyer. Didn’t realize what a complicated process it is but thank goodness you steered me through the up and downs and was able to close on my first house, so thank you again Charlotte 😊



Feb 27, 2020

Professionalism & Communication

I am a repeat customer because Charlotte consistently goes above and beyond the job. This time, she helped me and my tenants pen up a lease agreement. She wrote up an ironclad documented that covered bases we didn't know we needed covered. She was quick, professional, and communicative throughout the process. I will go back to her again and recommend others do the same.



Valerie Dansby

made a recommendation 

Feb 19, 2020 Bought home in Buford, GA in 2020

Charlotte is an amazing realtor. She was so knowledgeable about the entire home buying process. I recognized her keen organization skills and attention to detail immediately, and I felt comfortable with her throughout the whole process. She took exceptional care of me, and I will definitely recommend her to anyone needing a realtor.



Crista McGowan

made a recommendation 

Crista McGowan Jan 15, 2020 Sold home in Duluth, GA in 2020

 Charlotte worked hard to sell our home. She worked with us on staging and had a professional photographer take pictures of our home for online sites. She was very responsive to all of our needs and communicated extremely well with both us and interested buyers. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Duluth area looking to sell their home.



Jack Fannin 


charlotte Brandi

Nov 2 at 3:34 PM


I would recommend Charlotte to anyone considering selling their house. Not only did she provide me with local market data so I could see what other similar houses were selling for, she updated the information throughout the process. She suggested updates to the house that I'm sure resulted in a higher sales price than I would otherwise have got. Her recommended listing price was higher than I thought was reasonable, but her market savvy was certainly better than mine because I got three offers after two days on the market and the highest was not only well above the list price, but was the highest price to-date in the subdivision. Thank you Charlotte.


Bill Aiken Planning and Development Director City of Duluth


charlotte Brandi

Oct 4 at 1:49 PM


Thank you for your efforts in moving the ball forward on the City’s vision to have a trail along the river for the region to enjoy. It’s so important that our community (citizens, appointed officials, elected officials and staff) share the vision of this trail and convenience land owners and developers of the importance. Every piece counts and this golf course section would be huge for us.

Thank you for all you do in the community,


Bill Aiken

Planning & Development Director

City of Duluth

3167 Main Street · Duluth, Georgia 30096

[P] 770.476.1790

[F] 770.814.3008



Farzad Nikfarjam

Bought highrise condo in Decatur

made a recommendation for you

Charlotte Brandi is the most efficient realtor I have ever worked with. She is a hard working individual with lots of passion for her job. She is very organized, always on time with everything. She will quickly get all your answers no matter how hard the task is. I would recommend her very strongly. Thank you Charlotte F NIKFARJAM




"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"


Reviewed by D. Griffin

Lawrenceville, GA in 2019

Sourced by


- It was truly a pleasure and highly beneficial to work with Ms. Charlotte in our recent home purchase. My family will always appreciate the home buying experience, even given a few challenges of the NACA program we participated in, her agile skillset helped make everything go as smoothly as possible. She was always thorough, proactively responsive, and had a great deal of real estate knowledge we were able to benefit greatly from. Our family is thankful for Charlotte's congenial poise with us in this journey and appreciated the nice gift & hospitality at closing. It may be awhile, but we definitely plan to reach out to her again on our next purchase!




Jun 18, 2019

Bought home in Atlanta, GA 


I worked with Charlotte to purchase my first home and I could not recommend her enough. She will always advocate for whoever she is working with to get the best for her clients. She went above and beyond when we wanted to look at a house and/or put an offer on a home. She is super knowledgeable and we really relied on her expertise. We are so thankful for her help and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.


Working with Charlotte is always a pleasure. Her hard work, dedication and experience makes the decision process easier. I highly recommend working with Charlotte, I have worked with her many times and each experience has been highly positive and beneficial. 

Hannah Vernex Loset

Recommended Charlotte Brandi REALTOR® about 1 month ago after having sold a home



Hi Charlotte,

It was a pleasure to close another transaction with you last week.

Nicole R. Pettis | Attorney

O’Kelley & Sorohan, Attorneys at Law, LLC

200 Galleria Pkwy, Ste. 420 | Atlanta, Georgia | 30339




Patti Daunt, Chattahoochee Reserve·10 Apr

Thank you Charlotte for running a CMA for me. What a nice thing to offer to your neighbors. 


Konstantin Raz, Hwy 23-Pleasant Hill·11 Apr*

Charlotte has promptly emailed me CMA in my area to give me an idea of surrounding selling prices. Feel free to contact her for that or any other real estate questions/needs.


Adam Teague, River Plantation·11 Apr

Wow that was fast! I requested info and less than 5 minutes, Charlotte sent me my CMA results!! Please contact her for your CMA and or other real estate needs. Thank you Charlotte!


Ms. Burch, Peachtree/River Mill·11 Apr

Thank you, Charlotte, for preparing and mailing the CMA to me. You are very kind to do this for everyone. I will keep your info on file for future real estate needs.


Todd Pafford, Hwy 23-Pleasant Hill·11 Apr

Thank you, Charlotte for sharing the CMA with us as well. We appreciate your kindness! We will keep you in mind for future needs.


Ellen Queen, Abbotts Bridge-Rogers Bridge·15 Apr

Thanks to Charlotte for the CMA she provided us - and so quickly! While I'm surprised (and happy) to see the houses in our neighborhood are selling for more than I thought they were, our assessment is still too high. Getting ready to start the appeal process with Charlotte's help. Thanks so much!*

Terree down the street

 Hwy 23-Pleasant Hill·15 Apr

Charlotte was very very quick, appreciate her timely info.


Stephanie Freeman, Howell Glen - Duluth·17 Apr

Thank you Charlotte Brandi for helping start the appeals procedure. We really appreciate your help!


Mac Telford, Woodbridge Duluth·20 Apr

Charlotte thanks a million for the thorough (and really fast) comps report! I hope to have my latest appraisal lowered as a result.


Lisa Williams, Rivers Edge·10 May

Thank you Charlotte for your swift preparation of my CMA! You are very kind to offer this service and I will definitely keep your information for future reference!😊


Matt Farmer, Riverbrooke·16 May

Charlotte, Thank you for the CMA! - quick response and very informative.

Since this response is an example of your services, I will keep you in mind

for the future...


Munira Kumar, St. Ives·19 May

I requested info and less than 5 minutes, Charlotte sent me my CMA results!! Please contact her for your CMA and or other real estate needs. Thank you Charlotte!


Tiffany Neal, Riverbrooke·20 May

I too requested a CMA from Charlotte. She responded quickly and provided me with some other useful information.*

Carla Montgomery

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Counsel

August 28, 2018, Carla was a client of Charlotte’s

Charlotte is an EXCELLENT realtor and was an absolute joy to work with as a buyer. I purchased a home as a first time buyer through a loan program that is notoriously difficult to navigate. Charlotte was there with me every step of the way. She was always available to show me homes, answer my questions, and help me to solve any issues that arose. She truly made a process that at times was very stressful so much easier. You will never find a more personable and persistent advocate. A million thanks, Charlotte!


Stephen Lawrence reviewed Virtual Properties Realty - Charlotte Brandi — 5 star

June 13, 2018 ·

Charlotte is an awesome realtor and even a better friend!! She gets the job done!!


Adel Zahedi, MBA

Commercial Banking Consultant

January 15, 2019, Adel was a client of Charlotte’s

I worked with Charlotte on my recent commercial real estate transaction. I found her highly informed, motivated, and proactive throughout the process. She made sure I was protected as a buyer and addressed every question and concern. I was able to secure the property at a great price and she even made sure the property was clean and in move in condition after the previous owner/business moved out. I have had bad experiences with some realtors in the past and never thought I would come across someone so professional and responsible in this industry. I highly recommend Charlotte and will use her on all my commercial and residential transactions moving forward.

Catherine Blair

Licensed Realtor at Remax

August 14, 2018, Catherine worked with Charlotte but at different companies

I highly recommend Charlotte for all of your real estate needs. I have known her for several years now and know that she is honest, dependable and hard working. Her dedication to her clients is outstanding. She is a sincere professional that is why she comes with my heartfelt recommendation.*


Robin Trainer

August 7, 2018, Robin was a client of Charlotte’s

Charlotte will work hard and do a great job for you! She constantly looks for different ways to make you satisfied and get the job done! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Realtor to get your house sold!

More Testimonials


Cameron Niakan

Senior Government Consulting Analyst at Mercer

August 6, 2018, Cameron was a client of Charlotte’s

Charlotte took the stress out of buying my first house. Throughout the entire home-buying experience, she went above and beyond to see to it that every detail -- from potential causes for delay in the loan approval process to negotiating terms with the seller-- was caught before it could become an issue. My role in this process was limited, which took the stress of home-buying out of the equation. Of course, none of this should have come as a surprise, given that Charlotte is a seasoned professional who knows this business well. I plan to refer her business avidly.


Pamela Isbecque

Senior Marketing Consultant at Capsicum Marketing

February 17, 2016, Pamela worked with Charlotte in different groups

Charlotte is extremely organized and knowledgeable. She is very efficient and keeps the budget in mind always. She will make sure that you get the results that you want at the best price. I highly recommend her for any project.


mitra parsa

orthodontist at Alexandria Orthodontics,

June 19, 2015, mitra was a client of Charlotte’s

No kidding, for all you busy people out there, Charlotte certainly knows how to step in and take charge of your projects.Recently she completed two large projects for me, both were complete exterior renovations of my beach homes. She coordinated the projects from start to finish: Found & qualified numerous Contractors, Stayed on-site supervising during the whole process (2 months) and ensured that the timeline was met and the jobs was completed to my satisfaction. On both projects she managed 6-8 crews simultaneously: Roofers, Concrete companies, Garage Door Companies, Stucco & Siding companies, Painters, Electricians, Gutter Companies and Carpenters. She coordinated everything down to selecting exterior lighting fixtures, House colors, building materials, lawn furniture, plants etc. Without me having to ask she cleaned up the grounds and coordinated landscapers. Both homes now look amazing. Charlotte handled the details of all the contracts, documents, requesting all insurance Certificates & after the jobs were completed collected lien waivers.

I highly recommend hiring Charlotte for all your home projects, large & small. I will definitely be a loyal customer.



Dorothy Da

June 17, 2015,

Charlotte is very honest , has a positive approach to everything. She is an artist with a great sense of style.


Reviewed by HannahVL

Acworth, GA in 2019

Sourced by Sourced by

Overall Rating ​ 5 Stars

Responsiveness  ​5 Stars

Negotiation Skills ​ 5 Stars

Professionalism & Communication ​ 5 Stars

Market Expertise​  5 Stars


- Charlotte is extremely committed and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with her.

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