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ibuyer Real Estate Pro Certified Agent - Get Cash Offers Today &

Homeward Certified Agent  - Buy before you sell

As an added Service to my clients I am now Certified as an iBuyer Pro Real Estate Agent 

and A Homeward Certified agent

-What this means for you as a seller-

In addition to a professional home valuation, I obtain as many real verified CASH offers on your home as I can and present them to you in an easy to read side by side comparison, so that you can decide the best option for you and your family. I obtain offers and present them to you on a side-by-side Net Spreadsheet  making it easy to compare the bottom line $$$ you can expect from the sale of your home.

-And what this means for you as a buyer-

Now you can buy before you sell

Make a winning, all-cash offer with Homeward’s funds to secure your next home without the risks of selling first

I am working for you and am your point of contact all the way through the process, no hassles, no gimmicks and no surprises all the while keeping your identity confidential.

-Receive a complimentary one-stop-service-

In working with me you will not only get a much more accurate offer from the get-go as I know what information needs to be submitted to avoid surprises during their inspection, I can also share with you some added cost saving benefits & Perks offered by some companies that they are not advertised.

-It's a Zoo out there, let me make this easy for you-

I am here to help with entire process including paperwork, questions, negotiations, and I can even help your find your next home to make your move & transition a smooth one.

How can I help you today? Competitive cash offer, market valuation, just curious, refinance, new mortgage and any home service referrals. 

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